Employee Spotlight – Aimee Clardy 

Aimee joined the Crown team in April 2023. She has experience in transportation/logistics, commercial property management and retail. 

  • Why did you want to become a fractional CFO? 

I wanted to become a Fractional CFO to use my experience in a variety of industries to help companies and provide a unique perspective. I also love meeting new people and learning about companies; it is fascinating to talk to business owners and executives and see what really drives the passion behind an organization. I find the work very interesting and rewarding when I can help others become more successful.

  • Why industries are you focused on?

I am focused on transportation and logistics, commercial property management, retail, and women-owned companies.

  • Why do you enjoy the industries you focus on and why do you bring value to those industries? 

I enjoy transportation and logistics because it is fast paced with so many facets. I have spent most of my career in third-party logistics and have been part of successful companies in various stages and revenue streams, from start-up to established organizations. I have a wealth of experience in how to analyze and mitigate risk in the industry that can be very precarious if not managed correctly. 

I enjoy working with women-owned/managed organizations because I have been the only female Executive/VP/Director in many of the companies I have worked in, and I am also the daughter of a female entrepreneur. I understand the special challenges we face and celebrate the wins when we can overcome the odds and be successful. I have a strong network of female colleagues and believe in the power of women helping one another and the positive ripple effect that it can create.

  • What are common challenges that you see in businesses?

The most common challenges I see in business are;

  • positive cashflow, 
  • adequate and useful reporting, 
  • assessment of risk and determining how to mitigate, 
  • differentiating between operational/sales goals and budgets/forecasts, 
  • having an ERP system that works for your business.
  • Which business books do you recommend? Why do you think they are beneficial?

One of my favorite business books is Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg & Alan Eagle.  It is a down-to-earth, genuine book that explains how successful college football coach Bill Campbell applied leadership from the field to build some of the most successful companies, including Google, Apple, and Intuit. As a wife of a high school coach and mom of three boys who play the game, we bleed football in my house, and it is thought-provoking when you realize how many rules of coaching a successful team applies to both athletes and professionals. This book has some great stories that display courage, trust, operational excellence, and how to simmer tensions in a fast-moving environment. I have a John Wooden quote in my office that says, “A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.”  I believe so much can be learned by studying productive coaches and applying their techniques to empower the people on your team to build a successful organization. 

  • Where was your favorite vacation and why?

Our favorite vacation spot is our little condo in Orange Beach, Alabama. After my husband and I both lost our dads in 2021, we realized that life is way too short, so we took the plunge and now we enjoy our little slice of heaven on the beaches of the gulf coast. My husband and I both grew up without a lot of money in a blue-collar community, and never would we ever have believed that we would own a place on the beach. It’s a humbling experience each time we visit, and we are grateful that our hard work together has helped us get there. One of my favorite things to do is to get up early, have a cup of coffee, and reflect while watching the waves from our balcony. It is so peaceful!

  • What is a must have item in your office?

A must have in my office is a picture of my dad! He was the hardest working man I’ve ever known and was the biggest cheerleader in my life. He sacrificed so much of himself to his wife and children, and he was always so fun to be around. He lived life to the fullest, had many wonderful friendships and built a beautiful life from almost nothing. We lost him way too early due to Covid, but he still inspires me daily to give 150% in everything I do.  From my work, to my family and friends, to enjoying life’s special experiences, he inspires me to be the best I can be.

  • What is your favorite lunch or coffee spot in Kansas City?

My favorite spot lately has been Nick & Jakes for lunch. It is private enough for a conversation and the food is delicious.