Employee Spotlight – Angela Eberhart              

Angela Eberhart joined the Crown CFO team in January 2019. Angela has several years of experience in the professional services, technology, and nonprofit industries. 

  • Why did you want to become a fractional CFO? 

The main reason is that I love helping people. Working with a client, becoming part of their team and then watching their company grow – that feels amazing. As a Fractional CFO, I get to do this with a variety of companies in different industries. I enjoy being a mentor to each client’s accounting team and seeing the individual team members thrive. I love a challenge and working to help clients solve problems, brings me a lot of joy. 

  • What industries are you focused on?

I focus primarily on professional services, technology, and nonprofit sectors. 

  • Why do you enjoy the industries you focus on and what value do you bring to those industries?

I have previous experience working with an insurance audit firm, a CPA firm, and an engineering firm. I was heavily involved in creating a new division from the ground up that sold and implemented NetSuite software, so I feel at home working with professional services and technology companies. In addition, I love nonprofits, as I enjoy working with organizations that have a mission to help others. 

  • What are common challenges that you see in business?

Currently, the most common challenge I see in businesses is the need for quality staff and automation.

  • What has been the most challenging part of your CFO career?

The most challenging part was learning that not every client is a great client. I had to learn that you seek clients that appreciate your advice, are willing to implement the changes needed and value you as part of their trusted team. 

  • Where was your favorite vacation and why?

We went to Kauai and I absolutely loved it. It is a very beautiful island. The vibe is very laid back and it had both the beach and the mountains so we could get the best of both worlds. I will be going back soon!  

  • What is a must have item in your office?


  • What is your favorite lunch spot in Kansas City?

I love Mexican restaurants; it is hard to pick just one!