When you think of what a CFO can do for your company, your thoughts may gravitate towards accounting or tax. While this is a large part of a CFO’s role, there is much more value to having a CFO on your side. I always say that a Controller will help you look back, but a CFO will guide you forward.

Most companies have staff to record transactions and produce reports but what they lack is the ability to conduct financial analysis and incorporate that information into a forward-looking strategy. A CFO is in the best position to understand the financial data and help the company plan and execute growth strategies

Do you have big growth plans?

An experienced CFO will anticipate or lay out a plan for the future to drive value and increase the probability of success. A CFO will;

Growth plans affect HR, IT, Insurance, and Banking. You will need someone to connect these dots to help you understand how this will impact all areas of your business.

Every company can benefit from the experience of a CFO. Running a business is complex and an experienced CFO will not only be involved in numerous aspects of your business, they become a trusted resource of ownership, create value and drive the bottom line.